Cúla Búla & Francis 'The Viper' Higgins presents: REPOCALOPERA

Doors 10pm, €10 on the door

Cúla Bula with special guest narrator Francis 'The Viper' Higgins will take you to the end of the world and back with their new rock opera; REPOCALOPERA.  A true story from the future. It all started with a bad gig, an unlikely encounter with a remarkable crab, and a record that would never change the world. 

A night of conspiracy, tinfoil head protection, and eternal damnation, will be brought to you through the music of yet to emerge super group 'Reptilian Paranoia'. If you're not sure what to expect, open your mind, stick on your tanfoil and come along. 

Fancy dress encouraged, conspiracy themed. 
Highly conductive foils will be provided. 

Is it possible?

What is meaning?

Is it true if you believe?

Support: Captain Hotknives (UK)


October 30
November 3
Wille & The Bandits